Player Introduction

Rules Overview

Dark Heresy uses a percentile system to determine success and failure for actions the Acolytes take part in. In game terms, these are called tests. Tests involve anything from trying to hack a computer, to fire a Bolter pistol.

A Tests target number(TN) will be determined by their Characteristic or Skill that bests suits the task being attempted.

Charactersitics represents your characters base potential. They’re essentially the attributes for Dark Heresy characters. All Acolytes posses the following characteristics:

  • Weapon Skill: Used for making melee attacks.
  • Balistic Skill: Used for making ranged attacks.
  • Strength: Adds damage bonuses to melee combat.
  • Toughness: Reduces damage taken if struck in combat.
  • Agility: Adds to initiative rolls.
  • Intelligence: Used for Intelligence based skills.
  • Perception: Used when trying to locate an object, or notice something.
  • Willpower: Used for resisting mental based attacks and terrors of the warp.
  • Fellowship: Used for social based tasks.

Player Introduction

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